WeMerge is a team of aspiring artists whose mission are to support other artists goal of living off of their creativity. We are a mindful entity and production center for the creative minds of this world. Let us help you monetize your creativity and focusing on your art. Allow us to take care of the manual work.

If you are looking to purchase over 10 canvases at a time, please contact info@wemergecanvas.com directly to make sure we can assess your needs and provide you with the best client experience possible.

We aspire to ensure the most friendly and non-discriminatory customer service. There will be a professional answer to your question. Everyday, we track customer tickets as well as orders to certify that our customers are immediately taken care of. All our canvases are hand made in Canada. Although we are affordable, we shall never comprise quality. It is why we have offered the lowest prices for the current quality being offered. This quality by far exceeds current canvas printing companies.